Monday, March 14, 2011

Oklahoman Editorial Staff Tries To Make Some Points - Fail Miserably

In Today's opinion column piece "Lawmaker labeling a badge of honor?" the editorial staff poses this statement: "The quickest way to empower the most conservative politicians is to have a liberal group play the extremist card against them."
This statement comes from the Editorial folks once again reaching deep into their bag of rascally liberal non-profit groups to pull out something useful from the Southern Poverty Law Center (a group who no doubt has a greater influence over our town than The Chamber of Commerce I am sure...).
The SPLC in a recent opinion column on their site under the sub-heading State Legislators for Legal Immigration & the Anti-Immigrant Movement entitled "The Legislators: The Dirty Dozen" (The Oklahoman didn't mention the name or location of the article, just asked us to have faith that it was out there somewhere) list Oklahoma reps Sally Kern, Charles Key and Randy Terrill. The Oklahoman states that they suspect these three will wear this labeling as a badge of honor.
Ok fine. Whatever. What is the point? I spoke with Rep Kern on this and she was pretty much dismissive, as she probably should be, and said to me:

"...well thats what the Oklahoman does (paint me in a negative light) they are liberal paper, and they take a shot at me any time the get a chance to...they'll go after you any chance they get"

So basically, this is just a really terrible article. We do find SOME insight into what they are trying to get at here, when they write the following to show how biased the SPLC is, unlike the fine publication The Oklahoma which always gives us all sides!:

"...The SPLC tracks hate groups and speaks out against 'extremist' positions. It mentions the bombing of abortion clinics but not the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Recent utterings from SPLC spokesmen hint that conservatives such as Glenn Beck and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachman contribute to an atmosphere of hate but somehow leave out the Rev. Louis Farrakhan's contribution."

The writers at The Oklahoman would have a fine point here, however, there is quite a problem. The SPLC actually DOES speak out against Farrakhan, as you can see here

And in articles such as this recent one "Anti-Semitism Goes to School" they do mention the Pentagon attacks and how, yes, they were a bad thing!
When you read on, you can tell that perhaps the editorial writers were concerned that they might be just typing stuff without doing any research or trying to make any real points, they bring teachers into the mix. In the spirit of my favorite Oklahoman/American Brandon Dutcher who makes $100k/yr to tweet about how Teachers make too much money, they tell us just how rotten these rascally folks can be when they c0nclude the article with "...And if opposition to a policy defines the policy's supporters as 'extremists,' does this apply to the thousands of public school teachers who supported a school funding measure last year that was opposed by 81 percent of the people?"
I can only assume that the unbiased, non-extremist Editorial Staff at the alleged newspaper "The Oklahoman" will answer that question with a resounding YES!

Wow what a terrible article! What a terrible paper!!!! A big league City deserves a big league paper, lets do something about this trashy rag!!!! -Steve H

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