Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alba's Unintentional Commentary On The Not For Profit Industrial Complex Goes Unnoticed

June 10 Commentary

(Image courtesy of the morons @ The Lost Ogle)

Everyone who has no interest about the types of things I discuss in this blog can not stop talking about the Jessica Alba Shark preservation poster "controversy". As is to be expected, the story on this matter "Actress Jessica Alba regrets shark signs in Oklahoma City" is the most discussed on The Oklahoman website, as it is easier to worry about this non-sense rather than things of any importance.

What could have given the discussion some merit, I believe, would be to point out the irony of Alba putting a picture of a shark on the heroes of the $1.7 trillion not-for-profit Industrial complex, The United Way. Sure some not-for-profits, NGOs, et. al do some good work, but things have gotten way too far out of control.

The Central Oklahoma chapter director Bob Spinks issued an angry statement in the piece, saying "We find it unfortunate that Ms. Alba chose to vandalize a United Way billboard”.

I find it unfortunate that in 2007 (last available figures available) Mr. Spinks received a ridiculous salary of $145,127. No doubt he was angry, not nice to mess with fancy guys like that!

There is an excellent book I pointed out awhile back entitled "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded" which accurately presents the realities of how far overboard the not-for-profit's have become, and I highly recommend picking up a copy and doing some thinking on the matter.

Some worthwhile charities Alba (She's being pressured into donating for her "crimes") and others (Wealthy Mr. Spinks too!) can donate to, instead of The United Way: Turquoise Mountain, Results International.


  1. I think I've seen a wild video on this book? Am I thinking correctly?

    So, what should we be discussing???

  2. It is ok to discuss this stuff in proportion. But more important should be things that directly effect our lives, and making things better for everyone.

  3. As far as a video on the book, I am not aware of there being one. I don't see one listen on The South End Press site, so I do not think there is one. Could be wrong though.

  4. This is not the most discussed article on the newsok website, by far. The Bob Barry story has more comments and the Pharmacy Shooting story has over 4000.

  5. hmmm..could have sworn it was on top yesterday with over 10,000. Oh well, probably best to get a screen shot next time!