Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Fellas! This Seems Like A Fun Day To Provoke a Race Riot!

June 13th Editorial

I can just see the Editorial Writers conjuring this one up, regarding Today's "How far we have come : POINT OF VIEW Sonia Sotomayor nomination, by Amy Raymond"

I can just see them sitting around their little Editorial Staff table, laughing and giggling. Not even stopping for half-a-second to think that maybe their actions, the silly games they play, might have some consequences. (Have a look at the column before proceeding.)


Please forgive me for perhaps a bit too much humor on this post. I just can not take these people seriously when they try and pull these sorts of things.

Sure, the piece is nice and I am very happy for Amy Raymond. She has done nothing wrong with the column she has written for the paper. The problem is that I don't think she knows how she is being used here by the disgraceful people at the worst newspaper in America, The Oklahoman.

Rather than doing the right thing and letting people with other views come on a few times a week, and write articles that present facts, history and arguments to the regurgitated propaganda in the pages of the Editorial page, they give us an occasional fluff piece like this that is unquestionably selected to make their readers have no hope of ever hearing anything other than what the specific ideological garbage they want them to hear.

And much worse in this instance, they intend to make their loyal readers furious at an easy target, a minority, for saying the things that can easily be interpreted by fools as "reverse racism". Interpreted as "the radicals taking over!" by a person who listens to a lot of garbage that the radical-right presents. It is all absolutely disgraceful.

My hope is that one of their loyal readers does not read this editorial, and take it as a queue to go to The Little Flower Church on the South-Side with a machine-gun, firing away at all those folks "out to destroy our nation!" But the way things have been going as of late, it is certainly possible. And I don't think The Oklahoman really cares.

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  1. You see. Before the CJR story calling the Jokelahoman the worst paper in America the only time they had pictures of black people in the paper it was related to Sooner football. Now, they can write high school newspaper-quality editorials with references to Tito Puente.

    Also: Chavez was a fucking commie out to destory the free market. Good thing he's gone so we can spray glyphosate on H2-A foreign temporary pickers and deport them before they get asthma and file "socialist" workmen's comp (AND keep their social security payments for ourselves BWAH-HAHA!)