Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Any Worse

June 2 Editorial Cartoon

Amazing. The Oklahoman is such a lovely, Christian paper isn't it? I could make some pretty good cartoons about this slob, but I wont.

Oklahoman Editorial Writer J.E McReynolds (405) 475-3469 jmcreynolds@oklahoman.com


  1. I had seen this cartoon on Cagle's cartoon site on MSNBC. I interpreted a little differently than you seem to be. To me, it showed how problematic Sotomayor's nomination is for the GOP. The party base has gone ape-sh*t (but that's what they are) over it, but the politicians are having trouble because attacking her could harm them with women and Latinos.

  2. Damn, could that be any more racist? Why not have Obama riding a burro, drinking tequila and shooting some pistols in the air while getting poked in the ass with a cactus?

    Seriously, I'm racist and this offends me.