Monday, June 8, 2009

What Would The Oklahoman Write If Bush Did This?

June 9 Commentary

What if Bush gave a speech in Cairo, and a few days later the March 14 movement pulled of a miraculous victory in Lebanon. I can see him on the carrier again out front Beirut with the proverbial "Mission Accomplished!" banner flying high!

(Note that Josh Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at OU is quoted in the article! Yes folks, I know some of the things I write seem far-fetched, but there is more than just a football team there!)

(Bloomberg) — Lebanon’s pro-Western coalition defeated the Iran-backed Hezbollah bloc to win re-election in a vote that may help President Barack Obama reinvigorate peace efforts in the Middle East.

The governing alliance headed by Saad Hariri gained 71 seats in yesterday’s election to the 128-member parliament, according to official results announced by Interior Minister Ziad Baroud at a press conference in Beirut today. The Hezbollah-led grouping won 57 seats, he said.

Victory for Hariri’s coalition comes days after Obama’s June 4 visit to Cairo and his call for a “new beginning” between the U.S. and the Muslim world. Hezbollah has opposed American policy in the region, mocked Arab allies of the U.S. for failing to help the Palestinians, and resisted international efforts to disband its militia, which fought a monthlong war with Israel in 2006.

...also it would be interesting to see what our pal Ronald Bouwman would write! I'd also like to point out that I am glad Bush did the "Mission Accomplished!" thing. Had he not, I think it is safe to say we'd soon be seeing Hillary on a carrier in front of Beirut....imagine what fun (and rightly so, for once) the editorial staff would have with that!

Update 6-10 : Obama wins an election in the Middle East : Lebanon's voters gave the White House the victory it wanted -- with a lot of help from Hezbollah. By Juan Cole


  1. Thanks for the link. I am not sure if you are familiar with which covers Middle East issues and is written by this OU professor. I am now writing from Damascus where I am spending part of the summer.

    Very best to you and your interesting reporting.

    Best, Joshua

  2. who cares what the oklahoman would have said if Bush did this? Bush is not president anymore. he was a horrible president. Barack is shaping up to be a horrible president. Both merely puppets for the interests of the elite few. Im reminded of an Arrested Developement song, "...different from me, different from you, different from most, in synch with a few." So there it is Steve. Keep giving the Oklahoman hell, but stop defending Obama. You think he cares about us?

  3. Should have added more clearly that I wasn't defending Obama! Thought the jab at his pal Hillary intervening over there would clarify that.

    It's hard not to look like an Obama supporter or a big dopey Yellow-Dog Democrat by writing this blog, in that everything The Oklahoman does is far far right-Republican.

  4. The jab at Hillary made it somewhat clear, I was also referring to previous posts. But you are correct that the Oklahoman is decidedly right wing. Except when it comes to state races, they nationally cater to the right. Just like the national media is supposed to be objective about the POTUS and Congress, so are the state outlets. But neither are. Although sometimes its refreshing to hear someone actually say something negative about the president(besides in a UN paper, and even if it is all recycled blather). Keep the Oklahoman honest by doing what you are doing. It is a disservice to us all if you or someone else does not. Checks and balances for everybody. And on a totally unrelated side note, here is my new slogan for the good ol' US of A-------Right wing, left wing, we need both of them to fly. (cue some Bette Midler song or something)