Friday, May 15, 2009

Brad Henry Plays Funny Prank on Ideological Oklahoman Editorial Writers

May 15th Editorial

A February CBS News poll found that 59 percent in the U.S. say the government should provide national health insurance. The Oklahoman ignored that, and many other things (like the other Kaiser poll showing 80% of Americans polled are upset with health care costs) in the 5-12 editorial. They wanted to ensure that the ignorant masses do not get what they want.

But every time a couple of days pass, The Oklahoman editorial folks forget they are the world-leader in "We are a Republic! Not a Democracy!!" rants. Today's piece, "Split decision: Voters like Henry, but not his leanings " does a not so subtle job in telling the readers to think twice next time about voting for someone with any similarities to Brad Henry. And their main problem is that he is not always doing the will of the people, or at least doing what "Sooner Poll" claims to be the will of the people.

Amazingly, they are willing to push their beliefs aside for the day to try and encourage folks to consider someone with a stunningly flawless record of doing the will of the people, and loving democracy like Mary Fallin next go 'round.

All I can say is that if people here like Henry, and so many are Republicans, it is because he is doing what they want. They want to live in a Republic, not a Democracy. And by doing what he is doing, they seem to be enjoying him and his time in office.

If you are concerned about The Oklahoman and what they've done here, moving away from their love of being a Republic, not a darned Democracy, wait a day or two they'll be back to their good ol' ideological ways.

If you are interested in what I think of Henry, I say he's ok. Nothing too fantastic. I will say though Largent would have handled the disgraceful NBA issue better though, however I am still glad I did this in '02:

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