Monday, May 11, 2009

Never Mind What People Want

May 10 Editorial

Sunday's editorial "Government programs can’t trump bad behavior" was not about millions given to Bass Pro, "Quality Jobs Act" adjustments made specifically for Billionaire basketball team owners, funds abused by TIFF district folks, rather it was about (brace yourself!) health care reform.

The editorial which references HB 2026 (.rtf file - not an exciting read, save for a part of the bill that gives a better deal to 501(c)(3) groups, which suggests that the bill was probably written by one) basically suggests that people should just do the right thing and keep things as they are with minimal changes, all the while pulling themselves up by their boot-straps and all of that typical business.

But wait, hold the presses! Earlier last week, Bernie Horn wrote a piece entitled "The Secret Right-Wing Strategy on Health Care—Exposed!". In the article, he details a memo put together by the famous pollster Frank Luntz (the man who helped Gingrich piece together the Republican Contract with America in 1994), aimed at defeating Obama's coming health care reform proposals. It is apparent that the memo was so appalling, that a high-ranking Republican that received the memo leaked it to the press.

I can not recommend that you read Horn's article enough, and if you have time look at Luntz's leaked memo here. After doing so, it is worth going back and reading what the editorial staff has written, and deciding for yourself what is going on here.

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