Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kill Kill kill !!!! Oh, wait....

May 19 Editorial Cartoon

At some point, I will do the academic endeavor of comparing the editorial cartoons of the early W Bush days to those of the early Obama days. The results will be no mystery, but still it will have some value.

I want to share something regarding the Tuesday cartoon, and let me make it perfectly clear I have no problem with folks at Notre Dame being upset over Obama's views on abortion (although it is worth noting they are similar to Clinton's, and abortion rates went down at a higher percentage under Clinton than under W Bush. And once again, I am no apologist for Clinton.)

This comes from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting's website today, and is kind of interesting. They pointed out something Mark Howard had written, about how neither the protesters at Notre Dame nor the media had any problems when George W. Bush spoke there in '01 after receiving an honorary degree. Here is what he wrote, and thanks to FAIR for pointing this out:

Every good Catholic knows that the church is strictly opposed to capital punishment. Since Bush set records for carrying out death sentences when he was governor of Texas, you would think that the same guardians of virtue that are protesting Obama, who has never personally signed an abortion certificate, would have been out in force for a man who presided over 152 executions. But there was nary a peep. There were no bishops signing petitions opposing Bush's appearance. There were no protests on campus. There were no students refusing to participate in graduation ceremonies. And there were no cameras from national news networks circling like buzzards.

If these Catholic Crusaders are truly interested in demonstrating their piety without prejudice, they should immediately call for Notre Dame to revoke Bush's honorary degree. If the press is honestly endeavoring to be objective, they should pose this question to the protesters.

FAIR goes on to point out a poll showing a majority of Catholics supported Obama's invite to Notre Dame. Sadly for Obama, apparently Today is one of the days when their constant flip-flop between us being a Democracy not a Republic, or being a Republic not a Democracy does not come out in his favor.

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