Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stating Facts Is Important

May 24th Editorial

In Sunday's editorial "Tie that binds: U.S. putting Israel in a difficult spot" gives vague opinions on how Obama is being too hard on Israel, stating things like "...Obama signaled that his administration believes peace would result if Israel would stop building Jewish settlements on the frontier and work harder for a two-state solution."

This is all good and fine, if this weren't just rhetoric. The Oklahoman seems to have an opinion that that Obama is a rhetoric kind of guy, when it is convenient for them, specifically at the end of the editorial when they state "..The new American administration appears unlikely to do anything beyond the usual diplomatic carrots and sticks to impede Tehran’s nuclear march..."

One way of knowing that Obama's "Tough Talk" (it wasn't) towards Netanyahu was just talk, one could start by looking at the latest budget in which Obama is giving more than a 10% raise in aid to Israel. Imagine what The Oklahoman would say if he cut it??? I imagine the front page of the paper would have a huge picture of Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel crying with a mushroom cloud behind them with a man-lands-on-moon font up top reading "OBAMA: WORSE THAN HITLER!!!"

But when he significantly raises their aide, which he just did it gets no mention. This is how irresponsible people like the Oklahoma Editorial staff operate.

Oh, also I think it is worth noting that like so many anti-semitic, "pro-Israel" entities, The Oklahoman hates the fact that over 75% of Jews went for Obama:

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