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Oklahoman Sleight of Hand Masks Reality, History, The Scriptures, etc...

May 21 Editorial

Thursday's editorial "Jobbed? Stat sleight of hand masks reality" quotes two neutral observers (he said jokingly), Libertarian in a corporate way* Cato Institute adjunct scholar and Reason Magazine contributor Veronique de Rugy, and Greg "Watch me flaunt my Harvard pedigree, and watch The Oklahoman buy into it all, even if they usually don't like elitist East Coast professor folks!!" Mankiw. Mankiw has been referencing de Rugy a lately and her strange CATO Foundation video commentaries, so to find them here together makes me think the editorial staff is getting lazy again.

Today's editorial reminds me of a picture I took while observing Oklahoma City's Tea Party at the State Capitol April 15th.

I will explain why in a bit....

The Oklahoman editorial staff today writes "...government doesn’t create economic growth... Government can facilitate growth by keeping spending and taxes low so the private sector can create real jobs, not just imaginary ones."

Now, I hate to constantly bring up the March 4 "Big League City!" issue, where the hard working people were coerced by a multi-million dollar propaganda campaign to give $125m to wealthy basketball team owners. But that moment in time was so relevant to so much that is going on now, especially this editorial.

The reason I say this, is that The Oklahoman strongly supported the tax (which later became taxes, and now exceeds $1/4b via the State Quality Jobs Act amendment giving it upwards of $80m, a "use tax" giving them $25m more, and I think something else I think...hard to keep up with it all!) and their arguments were consistently that the increase in taxes would create economic growth, as well as jobs (examples to come).

For all the information you need on this matter, listen to my Tuesday 3-25-08 appearance on The Touch, 1140 am in Oklahoma City

Noting that The Oklahoman chooses it's positions based on what benefits them is important, but it is also worth looking back at our Country's history. Such an exercise can show how The Oklahoman chooses to revise things in this and so many of their other editorials.

Ok, so this requires a bit of work, and I think The Oklahoman knows that. Therefore, these hoodlums can easily get away with spewing ridiculous ideologies all the while accusing others of doing just the same. I say this with regards to their statement in today's piece "...the 'jobs saved' statistic (is) basically pulled from thin air." Here they are accusing President Obama of playing games with regards to how well the stimulus is and will be working.

If you have an interest in uncovering the disgraceful lies of this paper, have a look at Ha-Joon Chang's 2003 piece, "Kicking Away The Ladder: The Real History of Free Trade". While this is a lengthy article, it is well worth reading, but if you are short on time go to page 5 and read some of the information on Alexander Hamilton. You will discover that The Oklahoman is accusing him of never existing, something not particularly nice to do to someone like Mr. Hamilton.

But a founding father who worked so hard in the Government to create economic growth and jobs is quite a threat to a paper that argues against such things. Especially a paper who is constantly ranting and raving about what swell fellas the founding fathers were.

Oh, with regards to the picture, in the 1999 Columbia Journalism Review's article "The Worst Newspaper in America." kidded about the fact that the recipiant of this prestigous award, The Oklahoman "..runs a front-page prayer every day". While I don't have as much of a problem with that as CJR appears to, I do have major problems with this paper's "We're the greatest christians since the apostles!" attitude parlayed with their desire to try and outsmart their God via a never ending "Why should we condone rendering unto Caesar, when we can just drown his ass in the bathtub, like Grover Norquist has instructed us to!" ideologies. To me, it is simply disgusting.

* "Libertarian"In A Corporate Way, Norman Solomon

Addendum: Here is a new video from "neutral observer" Veronique de Rugy. It is funny to watch! Especially if you read William Pfaff's column "As Smash-and-Grab Capitalism Collapses, the French Economy Shines" before you watch it! Also consider that it is assumed she knows everything about France since she is from there. I assume therefore The Oklahoman and their ideologically like-minded friends will be calling Jane Fonda soon for her domestic policy ideas, since she is from America.

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