Friday, May 29, 2009

Today The Oklahoman Wants Affirmative Action!

May 29 Editorial

Once again, The Oklahoman has changed it's ideological views to fit their needs. In an shockingly foolish editorial entitled "The new GM: Bankruptcy deal signals new era", the editorial staff concludes a pointless column with "...There’s also the potential for partisan mischief, detailed in a Washington Examiner report suggesting Chrysler dealers who contributed to Republicans are inordinately represented on the list of dealerships targeted for closing under its reorganization. GM also is paring dealerships, so stay tuned."

And once again, The Oklahoman is turning to a Heritage Foundation alum (Mark Tapscott) to spread disgraceful propaganda.

Nate Silver has already torn this non-sense apart, and it says a lot that The Oklahoman and their paid to think by the makers of tanks friends believe they can get away with this something this outlandish.

Silver did the research via the numerous campaign contribution tracker sites, and determined that 88% of people who own car dealerships donate to Republican campaigns. It is bizarre that The Oklahoman would get upset that just 4% more than this amount were shut down (92% of Chrysler dealers, apparently per the folks propagating this silliness) especially in that they are always so upset when minorites suggest that they should be equally represented in things. Here is what he says about all this:

"It shouldn't be any surprise, by the way, that car dealers tend to vote -- and donate -- Republican. They are usually male, they are usually older (you don't own an auto dealership in your 20s), and they have obvious reasons to be pro-business, pro-tax cut, anti-green energy and anti-labor. Car dealerships need quite a bit of space and will tend to be located in suburban or rural areas. I can't think of too many other occupations that are more natural fits for the Republican Party. Unfortunately, while we are still a nation of drivers, we are not a nation of dealers."

View Silver's analysis here

One more thing. Let's play a game, and pretend that this non-sense is true. Playing games is fun! Ok here goes. Not long ago I shared an article on Freedomworks' (a close ally to The Oklahoman) website that stated: "...In 1995, Democratic districts received an average of $35 million more in federal largesse than Republican districts, which seems roughly fair given that Democratic districts have more people in need of government aid. By 2001, the gap had not only reversed, it had increased nearly twentyfold, with GOP districts receiving an average of $612 million more than Democratic ones. Justifying this shift, then- Majority Leader Dick Armey said, 'To the victor goes the spoils'..." So, if Obama and friends truly did what they are accused of, they could just play the old game of "well, they did the same kind of thing!"

But reality is much different. Former Republican majority leader Dick Armey ADMITS to doing the kind of thing that these hoodlums are pretending Obama is doing! What on earth is wrong with these people? Has it really all gotten this bad?

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