Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Assuming no one ever reads these editorials

May 6 Editorial

In "Owning up: Brouhaha displays Democrats’ excesses", The Oklahoman Editorial staff writes that "...Coffee, R-Oklahoma City, is president of the Oklahoma Senate. Questions surrounding (Glenn Coffee's) failure to pay income taxes on time, a tax lien filed against him and a bank loan to have that lien removed are fodder for a partisan attack." and continue "...We’re not defending Coffee in saying that this needs to stop! We’re defending the people’s right to an end-of-session period devoid of excess partisanship."

Considering The Oklahoman's history of breaking out the proverbial MAN LANDS ON MOON! Font anytime the ol' crook Gene Stipe does anything, portraying bush supporting Pedophiles as decent people, calling for Clinton to resign on 1-22-98, and calling Iraq War Protesters "...graying hippies, lifelong peaceniks, malleable college students...(who) trash McDonald’s and Starbucks stores during demonstrations" while referring to the recent Tea Party at the Capitol as "Something real" and how the participants "showed how easy it is to quickly channel and mobilize raw emotion" (to name a few things) makes their claim that they are not defending Coffee suspicious.

Also, in the comments field of the article on the site, "Jan" points out that "...
Glen Coffee is not the President of the Senate. That honor is Constitutionally assigned to Lt Gov. Askins. Coffee is the President Pro Tem. That office is filled by a vote of the Senate. The Senate President's office is filled by a vote of the people. In case there's not an Oklahoma Constitution around the Oke's editorial office, you can pick up one at the State Library."

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